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Led flashlights

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F002 Emisar D4 High Power LED Flashlight

Emisar D4 High Power LED Flashlight

Emisar D4 code Screws added to the MCPCB from Sep, 25.  Nichia 219C, 90CRI instead of 80CRI. Warning: Output  will be dependent on cell model (incl.age) and temperature.  Emisar D4 puts a high lumen output but generates a lot of heat at...

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F003 Emisar D1 Mini thrower

Emisar D1 Mini thrower

Features: •  CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium •  Smooth aluminum reflector •  Anti-reflective coated glass lens •  Unihead construction •  High lumen output and low moon output •  Ramping interface •  Electronic soft...

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SKU F001 Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43

Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43

Please see this link for the User Manual, which details the extensive user interface options.  Here is an extensive YouTube video showing the user interface.  Led & Tint OTF Lumens Peak Beam Intensity  Kelvin CW  S4 2B  7450lm ...
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