Noctigon K1 Thrower 1*21700  LED Flashlight

Noctigon K1 Thrower 1*21700 LED Flashlight



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    • richard
      i ended up buying one in each color November 28, 2022

      Originally bought a green one with SBT90.2, now have black and grey as well. I also have an Acebeam K75, at distances 0f 100-200 yards I have trouble telling the difference in the beams, although the Acebeam has much longer runtimes with multiple batteries, but it's also MUCH larger and heavier. For really serious long-range S&R I guess I'd take the Acebeam, but you can carry one Noctigon K1 and a handful of extra batteries and it still won't weigh nearly as much. A very sweet light.

    • Matt
      The coolest light ever!!! July 7, 2022

      First off, wow. This light really has the wow factor. Everyone I show it to is stunned. The beam looks like a lightsaber, and I’ve shined it on a cell tower that was at least a half mile away. It’s an incredible thrower. I got mine in W2.2 6000k, and it has a great blue tint on the beam. Looks awesome. As always with hanklights, great built quality, and I love the charging port on the side, as I don’t have a 21700 charger. 10/10, can’t wait to buy this in blue or red just for fun.

    • Tim wilson
      Wow!!! June 24, 2022

      This company will be my go to for lights from now on. Nothing you buy anywhere can compare to these. The Noctigon k1 is awesome

    • Sal
      K1 SBT-90.a > W2 Blue > W1 Green > W2 Red June 20, 2021

      Highly recommended thrower on Re-edit’s Flashlight group. If I were to get one I would get the SBT-90.a. The W2 Blue is a close second just because it’s so different and with the W2 emitter floods a good amount, but not as practical as the others . The W1 Green is efficient, throws the farthest and is like a thicker green laser pointer. The red is just neat especially with the W2 and easier on the eyes but not go as far. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the purchase and great communication by Hank.

    • Mark
      Buy One! May 16, 2021

      Mine is a W1. You will not find a better spot in this price range. Hank and ToyKeeper deserve the business and support!

    • Mark
      Buy One! April 19, 2021

      Slipped on wet shale and landed on it before I even got to turn it on. Point being, it's durable. This thing is AWESOME! Great carry size, included holster is perfect! Light, rugged, powerful! Been abusing it for a week, haven't charged yet. Worth every penny and every second.

    • Yeet
      Great April 13, 2021

      This is the flashlite from the meme look to the sky and follow the beacon and it really can make a beacon on cloudy nights

    • Konstantinos
      Great light, you can't go wrong getting one or two or three April 8, 2021

      I got a couple of these lights, I haven't used them long but they are really high quality. About as high quality as my favorite light which says something because I have a whole lot of lights.

    • Egmont
      Stellar Light SBT 90.2 Hope they offer extra battery extension! March 10, 2021

      The Noctigon K1 SBT 90.5 is my 5th purchase from these fine folks and best to date. The throw and tint on this flashlight is insane. I hope they make an extra battery adapter for this flashlight and come out with a similar version w/ 26650 Battery w/ Extra Battery Adapter as well in order to house 2 qty 26650 batteries. A GEM of a flashlight and company!

    • Flashlight Enthusiast
      Excellent Anduril Thrower! January 28, 2021

      Excellent Mid-size thrower with extreme performance, nice tint choices and regulated modes. Everything I wanted, as well as expected from this flashlight since I saw the prototype. More info in my review:

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