Noctigon DM11 1*21700 middle range thrower

Noctigon DM11 1*21700 middle range thrower

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    • Camo
      Throws so well! April 15, 2022

      I bought this light with the sft-40 as i wanted a good thrower, and man this thing throws so far! it also looks very good in my opinion, and while ive heard alot of hate for it, i personally love the knurling on the grip, i think its very grippy and doesnt dig in to the hand too much. i also like the beam of the light, and it has enough spill that you can still see in the dark while walking, overall a very nice light!

    • Chris
      Good quality light, but with potential for a different battery tube February 24, 2022

      I really like the build quality and beam of this TIR lense.. Also a good variety of leds to choose from.
      My only complaint would be the battery tube, which is rather small in my hands. I would have preferred a 26650 tube. Maybe provide some extra tube which can be ordered separately.
      Also some people mind find the knurling to be too aggressive, but for me it is okay.

    • David
      Great outdoor/indoor utilty light. February 3, 2022

      xhp 35 hi 4000k
      green button

      I love the knurling. The back three fingers rest on the knurling and give perfect grip even when your fingers are cold or you have a loose grip. I have office worker hands and I love it. It's not too rough and it looks super cool. The head is the same size as a D4S so it's pocketable. The head is squared off and has interesting fin design. I love the design of this light much more than the smooth K4 or more conventional D4 styles. Home run hank. Go more crazy like this on upcoming designs. It's fun and cool. It's like a sportscar.

      I chose the gray and it is like a dark gunmetal, no bluish tint to it. The ability to choose buttton LED color is awesome. I went green and the gray/green combo is really cool. The secondary LEDs look really cool in the head, they are set back and have a deep embedded look. I don't really care for the stainless trim ring because I'm easy on my lights and don't really need the extra protection, but it comes standard so okay I guess. I like the D4S all-aluminum look better. I'm 100% sure I'll be getting a titanium version of this if it drops maybe even with the same emitter.

      I chose the XHP 35 HI in 4000K and it is a real performer even though it's end-of-life so I have read. It looks nearly as good as a SST-20 4000K 95 CRI, but a little cooler. It throws a really good distance outdoors, but also works indoors with enough spilled light to work in a room and still looks great at lower levels. It is really bright when you need it while looking great at lower levels. This light is really good at everything. The green button is so very awesome.

      Love the design. Indoors/outdoors, low or high, the setup looks good, good battery life, very good at everything. In my world, this DM11 for outside and do-it-all tasks, a 18350 D4V2 for EDC and a D4S for indoor day-to-day activities could be the perfect blend even though I want all the Emissar/Noctigon lights! We very much appreciate you Hank!

    3 Item(s)

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