Noctigon DM1.12 Throw + Flood 21700 & 26800 LED Flashlight

Noctigon DM1.12 Throw + Flood 21700 & 26800 LED Flashlight



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    • ppd
      buy D4Sv2 instead October 11, 2022

      instead of this I would recommend you buy 2 pieces of D4Sv2 with different led configuration. And you will have best of flood and throw with most aux lights and option for big battery. Both for the same price as DM. This is too big to edc and also battery will not be sufficient for so many leds.

    • bartekreaper
      Best Throw+Flood Light April 16, 2022

      It's probably the most awesome light I own. Ultra throw + awesome flood and 21700 or optional 26800 tube which has the best ergonomics. Little pricey but WORTH IT :)
      PS. The D4S tint-ramping FET firmware works like a charm
      Thanks Hank

    • Bob
      The Best "does it all" Flashlight April 3, 2022

      If I could only have one flashlight light, of any brand or model, the DM1.12 configured by Hank would be my choice. Pictures don't do it justice - it is a beautiful design. The flat areas at the switch and 180 degrees opposite, make it fit comfortably in your hand, and you find the switch easily. It is conveniently small, surprisingly strong throw, smooth flood, nice to hold, and all at a fair price. If you are thinking about it, don't hesitate, just get it. You will love it. Just take your time configuring it, and ask Hank if yo have any doubts about your choices of LEDs.

    3 Item(s)

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