Qlite Rev.A 7135*8 Multiple Modes Circuit Board 3.04A

Qlite Rev.A 7135*8 Multiple Modes Circuit Board 3.04A

Quick description:

  • New quality control setup to test the Qlite drivers for the correct program before shipping, using the Maynuo M8811 DC source meter.




    *Input voltage: 2.8V - 4.5V *Current: 3.04A

    *Constant current

    *PCB diameter: 17mm

    *PCB thickness: 1.6mm

    *Components height: 4.7mm

    *Memory function (sets in after 2 seconds)

    *No high pitch noises

    *No visible flicker on any mode

    *Reverse polarity protection

    *Gold plated spring

    *Gold plated contacts

    *Copper leads with tinned ends already soldered

    *Low voltage protection: At 2.9-3V the light will switch to an emergency low mode. At 2.8V the light will flash 9 times to announce imminent cut-off.

    *Strobe mode is 10Hz

    *Beacon cycle is 2Hz blink for 1 second, 4 seconds light off Group of modes:

    1st Star : 2% - 25% - 100% (Default)

    2nd Star : 5% - 30% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon

    3rd Star : 15% - 100%

    4th Star : 5mA - 2% - 25% - 100%


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