Emisar D2 dual channel 14500 right angle LED Flashlight

Emisar D2 dual channel 14500 right angle LED Flashlight

Quick description:

D2 14500


Switch backlight*

Channel 1 (closest to the switch)*

Channel 2 (closest to the tailcap)*

Channel 1*

Channel 2*

Please choose

  • Please read before purchaing.

    1. The light works with flat top, unprotected 14500 battery only, button top or protected battery may damage the light.

    2. The beam profile of the 519A dedomed, SST-20, W1/W2 with the clear/spot optic is a bit squarish, it may look strange for some users. If you are worry about the square beam issue, please choose frosted optics for both channels, or clear optic with 519A domed LEDs combo

    3. When the light is on the high mode, some light from the main LEDs can be seen through the switch button which is normal.


    4. The total weight without battery and magnet for Emisar D2 is only 31g, which is one of the most light weighted 14500 flashlight in the market, the MCPCB is also made of DTP aluminum to reduce the weight.

    5. Please do not try to disassemble the light, it could be hard for the user to assemble the parts back, and it's almost  impossible to change the optic or LEDs after assembling, so, please make decision before purchasing, the LED & optic can not be changed after the light is assembled.



    • 2.5A Linear constant current per channel.

    • Anduril 2 firmware

    • Efficient UK made Carclo Quad LED optics.

    • CNC machined from aluminum including switch & glass retaining rings.

    • Anti-reflective coated glass lens

    • Unihead construction

    • High lumen output

    • Ramping interface

    • Electronic soft touch switch

    • Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS.

    • Temperature step-down

    • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)

    • Dimensions: 92.5mm(length) * 18mm(body)

    • Weight: 31g


    OTF lumen output at start-up:

    519A/219B : 1300lm

    SST-20 6500K/5000K: 1500lm

    SST-20 4000K/2700K 95CRI: 1200lm

    This product uses free software of Anduril 2, distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.


    UV with reflector and ZWB2 filter

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    • Ev
      D2 is a winner! July 10, 2023

      Just get one of these already if you’re in the market for a 14500 light!

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