Noctigon K9.3 DUAL CHANNEL 7400lm 21700 LED FLASHLIGHT

Noctigon K9.3 DUAL CHANNEL 7400lm 21700 LED FLASHLIGHT



Quick description:

Two flashlights into one


Switch back light color*

CH1 (9 inner LEDs)*

CH2 (3 outer LEDs)*

$118.68 $78.58
  • 2 fast clicks and hold the 3rd click to swap between two channels when the light is on.

    Channel 1 uses 9A+direct drive (except the E21A version, with 9A constant current only)

    Channel 2 uses 5A constant current



    • CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium

    • Efficient UK made Carclo triple and single LED optics

    • Anti-reflective coated glass lens

    • Unihead construction

    • Ramping interface (Anduril 2)

    • Electronic soft touch switch

    • Illuminated button in single color

    • Incorporated USB-C Switching Li-ion Charger

    • Stainless steel bezel

    • Anodized surface finish

    • Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS.

    • Temperature step-down

    • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)

    • 1*21700 battery (Not included in the price, 18650 battery can be used as emergency)

    • Dimensions: 124mm(length) * 52mm(head) * 26.5mm(body)

    • Weight: 205g

    OTF lumen output at start-up:

    CH1, 9*SST-20 6500K/5000K: 7400lm

    CH1, 9*SST-20 4000K/2700K: 5000lm

    CH1, XP-L HI: 7500lm

    CH1, 9*E21A 5000K: 2550lm

    CH1, 9*E21A 4500K/3500K/2700K: 2150lm

    CH1, 9* E21A 2000K: 1500lm


    This product uses free software distributed under the terms of the GPLv3.

    Customer Reviews

    • DIETER
      K9.3 mit W2 klasse Lampe June 14, 2022

      Super Lampe ,Top Qualität und schnelle Lieferung
      Ein Meisterwerk Danke

    • Albert
      Noctigon K9.3 April 9, 2022

      Best flashlight ever I have !!!

    • Dieter
      K9.3 Perfekte Lampe November 3, 2021

      von der Technik her, für mich die beste Lampe auf dem Markt ,funktioniert mit Farbwechsel super
      dies Lampe sollte jeder Lampen Liebhaber besitzen.
      Innen habe ich 9 x XP -L HI V3 1A , außen 3 grüne Leds mit guter Reichweite

    • Randy
      Great idea August 20, 2021

      Can’t help but love the versatility this light has . Being able to configure a two channel light to your own needs from factory ! Excellent! Thanks Hank .

    • Givel
      One of the best March 30, 2021

      This light provides a near flawless experience. The UI is wonderful, with quick channel switching and intuitive features. The body is machined very well, with smooth threads and gnurling. Coating is great. The hidden USB charging port is a nice touch. Ergonomically perfect, it carries comfortably and is easy to grip.

    • DOGS P.C.
      K9.3 is a versatile customized tool with an excellent form factor. February 16, 2021

      The K9.3 is a fantastic quality light that can be customized to fit most any role. I am a potential outlier in the world of torch-fanatics because I chose to create a light where the primary 9 LEDs are 660nm red and the auxiliary 3 LEDs are 5000K white. I did this because the majority of my light usage is in the early-morning and late night checking animal traps around my farm. I'm glad I chose to use the 9 primary LEDs for the red because, while the 3 LEDs in red might be serviceable, with 9 the flashlight can throw a large, full area of red light well over 100 feet (of course, this won't be clear vivid light like a normal white flashlight but I created a specific tool with a specific task). At such a long wavelength, the difference between 3 and 9 red LEDs is immense.

      The dual-channel design in the orientation I chose lets me keep a highly-serviceable white light "in the back pocket," metaphorically speaking. I don't use the white option very much, but the 3 auxiliary LEDs are more than enough to coat the forest in white light for hundreds of feet precisely when I need it. A flashlight-enthusiast would likely prefer the more normal approach of making the 9 primaries white and the 3 auxiliaries red - only more reason why I appreciate the ability to completely customize these flashlights for however you intend to use it.

      The programming of the light is impressive considering the only interface is a single button. I recommend printing the flowchart available on this site for easy reference while learning the deeper functionality of the light. After a few days it's quite easy to visualize the functions in my brain to the point where I don't need to reference any material to navigate the program. Not to mention, it's also totally entertaining to manipulate the functions when you become skilled with them :>

      I commend Hank and everyone else involved in this operation for enabling me to pursue all my strange flashlight-desires, coming out with a lifetime tool, without searching high-and-low for some perfect prebuilt mass-manufactured design, and without breaking the bank.

    • Orangejuice
      Wow! January 24, 2021

      SST-20 Deep Red, 660nm is so impressive! i didnt think itd be so bright.

      Cool White - XP-L HI V3 1A, 6500K Also above my expectations.

      i love this UI, this size, this light is great!

    • Ron
      Received mine Monday! Great light, excellent quality. January 13, 2021

      My fourth light from Hank in about a month!! Great build quality, easy channel switching, and easy to use UI.

      Not much of a review, but I love mine, and you will love yours.

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