Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43

Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43

Quick description:

Meteor M43

Recommended cell is high drain, unprotected button top cell (around 67mm),

using longer protected cells should lead into not being able to power up the flashlight.


Please see this link for the User Manualwhich details the extensive user interface options.

Here is an extensive YouTube video showing the user interface.



• CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminium

• Efficient UK made Carclo Triple LED optics.

• Anti-reflective coated glass lens

• Unihead construction with removed anodized surface

• Massive direct thermal path copper MCPCB hosting 12LEDs with wide and thick traces (3Oz)

• Pure copper MCPCB in the tailcap

• Beryllium-Copper springs with 45% IACS superior to stainless steel alloys used for springs with only 2% IACS.

• User programmable output levels and various customization options

• Multi-color battery charge level indicator both on-state and off-state

• Electronic soft touch switch • Runs on 4 paralleled 18650 cells, in case of emergency less cells can be used

• Thermal output regulation

• Constant current output boost driver

• High efficiency high power conversion circuit, low voltage drop

• Made with US, Korean and Japanese electronic components

• Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard (up to 1 meter)

• Surface finish: Hard anodizing type III

• Dimensions: 98mm(length) * 63mm(head) * 50mm(body)

• Accessories: Holster, O-ring, Lanyard


 LED & TINT  OTF Lumens  Peak Beam Intensity  Kelvin
 CW SST-20  8200lm  52,000cd  6500K
 NW SST-20  8200lm  52,000cd  5000K
 NW/WW SST-20  5850lm  28,000cd  4000/3000K
 NW 219CT  6600lm  30,000cd  5000K
 CW V3 1A  8350lm  42,000cd  6500K
 CW V2 3A  8000lm  40,000cd  5000K
 NW V2 5D  8000lm  40,000cd  4000K


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