Emisar D4V2 High Power LED Flashlight

Emisar D4V2 High Power LED Flashlight



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    • James
      What are you doing if you don't own one? October 13, 2022

      I was first introduced to the idea of carrying around a flashlight 24/7 about a month ago, and I thought the idea was a bit of a stretch.

      Then I thought, "hey, here's a little light for $45 that everyone is crazy about, why not?"

      It's GREAT!

      All the little things you used to use your phone flashlight for (i.e. lighting up a dark room at night, finding things throughout the day, working on cars or home projects, work inspections, walking the dog, etc.) really pile up! And once you use a real flashlight for these things, I guarantee it will be hard to go back...

      I find myself using it constantly. The D4V2 is the perfect size to clip to your pocket and not notice it.

      I wish I spent more time looking into emitter options, I like the silvery brightness of the SST20 6500K, but since I do a fair amount of maintenance and inspection, I would like to get a more neutral white emitter with higher CRI.

    • Devin
      Better quality September 9, 2022

      I bought d4v2 and the fw3a back in 2019 when both were popular. All I could say is d4v2 works flawlessly since day 1, and the fw3a had switch problems along with other small issues. Finally it stopped working yesterday. So here I am buying my second d4v2. Keep up the good work! Thank you

    • Matt
      Perfect EDC July 7, 2022

      Everything you’ve heard about this light is spot on. It’s the best flashlight I have, hands down. I got mine in 519a dedomed, 4500k, with the boost driver. It puts out an insane amount of light for its size, the color is perfect, and it doesn’t get too hot to use. It’s a great light, definitely going to buy another.

    • Thrael
      Awesome flashlight October 8, 2021

      Went with the SST20 4000K. At first it seemed too warm but I got used to it pretty fast. Anduril seems weird but I got the hang of it. Tail cap magnet is strong. Anodization has a rather coarse feel to it, maybe it makes it more grippy. I hope it doesn't get scratched easilly though. I see this light as more of a toy/gadget than a flashlight but I intend to use it nonetheless.

    • Casey
      Excellent light August 14, 2021

      Very small yet very powerful. An intuitive easy to learn operating system. I went with the XPL-HI in Cyan, SS Bezel and Magnetic tail cap w/ raised button. I also ordered an extra floody optic, extra tail cap without magnet. I would advise not ordering anything you are not going to install and use because I can already tell that I won’t be changing anything on the light. Shipping took 12 days. Not bad, considering its coming from the other side of the world. If you are considering any Olight, the lights here are better, brighter, and less expensive.

    • Chicle De Bolita
      Powerful!!! May 15, 2021

      Tiene demasiado poder para el tamaño que tiene! Ademas de brillar intensamente tiene un costo accesible.
      Muy bonito el diseño, solo me arrepiento de no haber pedido que fuera magnetica. :(

    • Trevor
      Small, powerful, robust, customizable, perfect. April 14, 2021

      10/10 my favorite light I've ever used. I've got two of em, one a trusty work horse at my mechanic job and the other stays in my car for general use. Will light up a few acres or dim as low as you could possibly need for delicate tasks. Small enough to pocket or fit in cramped spaces, but seems mostly indestructible. I recommend the stainless bezel, that seems to be the only real weak point on the thing and I have yet to hurt the SS bezel even on my work light. I even ran it over once, didn't skip a beat.

      Be careful of the heat this thing puts out on high/turbo, probably unscrew the tail cap if you toss it in a bag.

      I love this light, I don't know how anyone could be disappointed by it.

    • Nader
      High quality pocket rocket with incredible customer service March 10, 2021

      What to say about the D4V2 that hasn't been said before? I have recently made my 3rd purchase of this little hot rod and I'm just blown away. First of all, the ability to customise your flashlight with an LED from the huge variety that Hank has is a great plus. Customisability also extends to body colour, optics, tail cap, bezel, and switch.

      Have a question or a request for an option that's not available in the menu? Not a problem! Just shoot Mr. Wang an email and chances are he'll get it done for you. He's super accommodating and communicating with him in regards to orders and requests is a breeze.

      Now, the light itself has a practical yet aesthetically pleasing design that has acquired it quite the celebrity status among us flashlight enthusiasts. The knurling provides excellent grip and the small size allows it to work perfectly as an EDC light. The fact that it's powered by a 18650 cell makes it a powerhouse of a torch with that size. When I say powerhouse, I mean it. Don't let the small size fool you, as this punches above its weight and does that well.

      It works for the average user and the experienced one as well when it comes to UI. It takes a bit to familiarise yourself with the interface, but even going in blind is not an issue either, so don't let that discourage you from giving the D4V2 a shot. Because this WILL become one of your favourite lights.

      Huge props and thanks to Hank for his incredible craftsmanship and top-tier customer service.

    • John
      A versatile and quality light March 5, 2021

      Very nice fit and finish. Excellent crisp action on the switch and I like the raised bezel around it that protects against accidentally turning it on. Magnetic tail cap is nice and strong and the SS bezel adds a touch of class. Addition of Aux led's is fun and handy - particularly the red for Astronomy use. Mine is the 3500k - lovely warm tint but not too rosy. Compact, high quality light with heaps of output and features at a bargain price. What's not to like?

    • Flashaholic Kirby
      Best EDC light for the money. Impress your friends. February 9, 2021

      the Aux LEDs are so mesmerising and fun, you'll find yourself acting like a child! The Anduril UI is the deepest and most feature-rich out there, the build quality and form factor is superb, the output is amazing and so is the customisability and appearance. Do keep in mind that is heats up very fast on turbo though.

    Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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