Emisar D4K 1*21700 High Power Quad EDC Led Flashlight

Emisar D4K 1*21700 High Power Quad EDC Led Flashlight



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    • Toast
      D4K July 6, 2023

      I got a D4K mule with 2700k and 4000k 519a dedome with the intention of using it as a indoor light. Its quickly become my favorite light, the tint is very nice. Hank also provides customer service thats hard to beat.

    • Colin B.
      Awesome pocket light April 27, 2023

      I got mine in Grey, with Amber switch, and 519a 4500k with domes, with the boost driver, and clear optics installed. The beam is just beautifully smooth and clean, even holding it a few inches from a white wall I don't notice any artifacts. The 519a emitters are fantastic, renders color almost as well as The Big Emitter in the Sky. This is the perfect light for close to medium distance tasks at any hour. At night, turbo can light up a decently large area, but I would choose something bigger with more throw for dedicated outdoor use in wide-open spaces. Overall I couldn't be happier, it will live in my pocket for many years.

    2 Item(s)

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