Emisar D4SV2 26650 High Power LED Flashlight

Emisar D4SV2 26650 High Power LED Flashlight

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    • WOTR
      The best light out there? December 27, 2022

      It has been my daily carry in an industrial environment for almost 3 years. It has been dropped, hit, run through the washer and most recently thrown on the pavement at 50kmph (electric unicycle cut out.) I know there are tougher flashlights out there- but this one will survive any reasonable (and some unreasonable) abuse.

      I use the magnetic cap to illuminate areas holding it in place for hours at a time. Its bright enough to gauge the fluid level in a 4 million liter tank yet has an unreal run time if you don't have it cranked. While a little heavy for some people's edc preference, it slips in a side pocket of your Carhartts or a jacket pocket and is the best, most versatile light you will ever own.

      I own a few lights that Hank makes. All are quality, but this remains my #1 recommendation. This is also a good place to mention his customer service. Twice I placed an order and realized that I preferred a different led. His communication was always fast and he swapped it out before shipping.

      I can't say enough good things about this light (or any of the lights Hank produces.) Buy the stainless bezel and admire the proportions of this light, the precision machining and the flawless finish (at least until you throw it on the road and gouge it a little.)

      They are beautiful examples of functional art.

    • Fred
      Best thrower June 26, 2022

      This is my go to for a thrower, built like a tank and the osram W2 is amazing.

    • Steffen Schmidt
      A perfecty crafted high quality flashlight May 16, 2021

      After a problematic shipment (due to Brexit, perfectly handled by Hank) I received my flashlight today. I have to say the design and build quality are perfect, the LEDs are selected exactly as requested, I can recommend this product without a doubt, and Hank has helped a lot by handling delays from Brexit deliveries. Thanks Hank, this is not my last flashlight from your shop!

    • Mark
      Awesome! April 19, 2021

      Perfect for hiking and camping. Keeps the kids busy too.

    • Slawek
      The best January 6, 2021

      You can find brighter flashlights. You can find bigger flashlights but You cannot find better one.

    • Adam K.
      Amazing and the highest of quality. December 26, 2020

      I purchased two D4V2s, one full size and one stubby and I'm afraid I might to buy one if everything Hank has to offer. I can't recommend this light enough, it gets good battery life (settings dependent). The blue is absolutely stunning.

    • Glenn
      This is the hotrod of lights. December 23, 2020

      Wow, just wow. This light is bright and has a great throw and appropriate flood.

      The aux lights are the bells and the 4 emitters that are so bright they heat up enough to burn stuff are the whistles. That being said, becareful this is not a toy don't let kids play with this, they can go blind or even burn something if not their hands.

      I think I'll buy more just to have the power of the sun in my pocket.

    • Iken
      Its my EDC December 17, 2020

      I dont own many lights and because of this one I dont think Iam buying more in near future :)
      Love the weight/size and all the perks of anduril (have some glitches with firmwire but manage to work around it)
      Its ergonomic fits perfectly in my hand and switch is easy to operate. So small but eficient regarding output and temperature protection which you can manage to your own desire.
      Hiking, biking, around the house its my daily carry. Magnet is strong and comes handy in many situation.
      Hanks is responsive and ready to hellp so many thanks to him for this amazing flashlight.

    • Antonius22
      Hank, Bringer of Light. November 20, 2020

      Hank is a rock star in the Flashlight world. This product is by far the best flashlight that I own and I am utterly impressed that one man can out preform all the flashlight companies we have. Nitecore, Fenix, Olight, Thrunite etc. are all hot garbage compared to what Hank puts out.

      Hank probably has tons of illegitimate child due to the amount of poon that he slays with his flashlight game.

      Finally, Hank's flashlights not only light the darkness. They light your soul.

    • MiYasmahhh
      First light to grab when going outdoors @#@ August 9, 2020

      The d4 craze is real: finally a manufacturer has made it possible to get the features of a homemade pocket rocket into a production light. The V2 running Anduril is both intuitive and packed with features. The d4 is astonishingly bright for a small light, but only for a short time -- this is where the d4s steps in.

      The D4s is capable of controlled voltage output up to 500 lumens. The D4 pocket rocket only has digitally controlled voltage up to 150 lumens. This is the heuristic you should consider when comparing the two lights, as it is the brightest effective runtime for extended use.

      This comparison denotes the delineation of their intended uses: the d4 is a great EDC that can achieve a lot of brightness in a pinch, and the D4s is the outdoor model with the necessary bulk for sustained use.

      The D4s battery and extra thermal mass allow you to run higher levels without overheating, but will not fit in your pocket. I adore the shorty tube for the d4s, in which case it works great in a Molle pouch off the belt.

      My advice is to get both: the D4 for EDC, and the D4s for outdoor use. Congrats on a great product!!!

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