Emisar D4V2 Ti Quad 18650 High Power LED Flashlight

Emisar D4V2 Ti Quad 18650 High Power LED Flashlight



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    • David
      Perfect EDC February 3, 2022

      If you are new to the enthusiast flashlight world or just looking for an EDC that is better than a pen light or cell phone light, this is it.

      The standard size is the 18650 battery which is fine if you need 30 minutes to an hour of runtime. If you are like me though, I just need about 15-20 minutes of runtime to troubleshoot a problem in a dark room or cabinet and then go grab the tools I need or make a quick repair with my pocket tools.

      If you are like me in your intended use, get the 18350 tube, the SST-20 4000K 95CRI emitter and the magnetic tail cap. I jave a SST-20 5000K and it's brighter, but it washes out colors on wiring. After you play with turbo a few times on the 5000k, the 4000K is the one you want to live with. I don't even use the 5000K really except with the 18650 outdoors to do something like take out trash or light up the yard.

      The 18350 will also be the size you want to live with and the magnetic tailcap adds minimal weight and attaches to under the hood of your car, an equipment cabinet door, a knife blade stuck into wood etc.

      I've carried many lights including pen lights and other brands and this is the winner right here for EDC. This light introduced me to these brands and I subsequenly ordered more with different emitters and bodies, but always come back to this one. Better than the KR4 or anything else.

      I've carried it a couple years and use it daily and the titanium looks great and the patina on the copper looks great and have no problems.

    • max
      amazing. March 19, 2021

      This flashlight is nothing short of amazing. Its the perfect size. The interface is fun and many options to play with and to top it all of its titanium. 5 stars.

    • James
      My new favourite Llight March 12, 2021

      A wonderful light, My new favourite by far. Very configurable, super output.

    • Samuel
      Great light! January 17, 2021

      Build really strong, it's titanium and its thick! You can't go wrong by buying this flashlight.

      VERY BRIGHT January 13, 2021


    • CandleStick
      REALLY Bright, REALLY epic User Interface January 2, 2021

      This Light is bright, ridiculously bright. The max mode is really only meant for a short time. I got the 2700l SST-20 mule. Putting it on candle mode is super convincing and it looks exactly like an incandescent light in color. The dimmest mode is perfect for indoor use in the middle of the night. The switch backlight is really handy for finding the light on my desk and when I set the switch light to low it is dim enough to not bother me at all in the middle of the night.

      This thing is THICK, really heavy duty machining, really nice sturdy threads as well.

    • Gordon Bombay
      Get it November 24, 2020

      This is an awesome light. It's flashy and functional. If you want to spend sub 100 on a light with many features this is the one to get.

    • Neb
      Outstanding Light November 16, 2020

      This is by far the best light I have ever owned. I use this light for work (industrial maintenance tech) and it is perfect. It has already taken its drops and dirt with ease. Most (Fenix, Olight, Nitecore) goneith the standard 6500k tight hot spot type of light whereas the D4V2 gives a uniform beam perfect for electrical cabinets and dark corners. The UI is also far superior to the big brands. While at first glance it looks complicated in use it is very simple. The high CRI is also of high importance to me because it really helps distinguish wire colors where the typical 6500k CREE.... won't cut it. To sum it up the D4V2 is not just for flashlight hobbyists (though i consider myself one), it is a great fit for everyday work use as well. I am happy I clicked the banner ad on BLF.

    • Durdy
      Damn work of art! July 26, 2020

      Wow! Such a cool piece. I love the weight of this light, feels sturdy. I can’t imagine any other light out there that tops Emisar. Thanks for making absolute perfection in a pocket light.

    • Weston
      Everything you need in a light, and more! July 11, 2020

      This is really the epitome of flashlights. It's bright for when you need it to be, and is functional with a couple party trick modes. The titanium is a little heavy, but worth it for the increased durability over aluminum. Note that it is silver, not black like the first picture. Will not fit protected cell 18650's, and you have to tighten the cap on fairly tight in order to make a solid connection. Super thrilled with the light, and looking forward to buying more from intl-outdoor! Thanks Hank.

    Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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