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Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43
[SKU F001]


I own a Nichia Meteor and liked it so much that I bought a second one with the XP-L HI 5D emitters. The 5D tint is a slightly warm, rosy white that is very pleasing even on low settings. The Nichia version is more like true daylight (pure white 5000k) with better color rendition but I personally prefer the warmer tint of the 5D for night time use. I don't have a light meter, but I would say the 8000 lumen claim is accurate when comparing it to my other lights. It is incredibly bright on turbo. The build quality of these lights is fantastic and the UI is not bad at all once you get used to it. Even though this light came out in 2015 I think it's still the best compact floodlight you can get for a reasonable price and with lots of emitter options.
Date Added: 02/21/2019 by Adams***