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Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43
[SKU F001]

$178.68  $128.00

My M43 - NW XP-G2 DD arrived Monday and I am thrilled with the quality which surpasses all of the major brands. The backlit switch is very nice, but the programming leans towards confusing. It gets hot quick at least on fresh VTC5's. 128F at 2 minutes (75F ambient) where it stays for a while as thermal regulation kicks in and it gradually cools which is a fantastic feature. My LD60vn & Nitecore TM06vn were squashed of course in a ceiling bounce, 290 vs 149 & 160 respectively and the throw is unbelievable for a flood monster. I have no reason to doubt the factory ratings and they might even be conservative. It seems even smaller in person and I can't emphasize enough how high the quality is - zero flaws & the action of removing the head is like nothing else! I have 20+ V54 lights in my collection and this might be the first one that doesn't get sent to Vinh as it is heavily driven in stock form and oh yeah, the tint is gorgeous. This light will sell out quickly!
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