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Noctigon 4*18650 Meteor M43
[SKU F001]

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After trying out the most popular major brands of mainstream LED flashlights, and consequently deciding on ZL as my EDC light, I began searching for something compact, robust, and reliable with a similar UI which went beyond the lumen ceiling in current ZL production models. When time came to pull the trigger on a ‘soup can’ light, rumors appeared of a forthcoming ‘tuna can’ light.
More than anything, a Meteor in its home looks like a wide angle lens, enough so that a carry-on baggage inspection official in Brazil simply remarked “Oh, you must be a photographer”, after she ordered me to empty my baggage, and spotted my two Meteors.
Carrying around most of what you need in a pack while living in, and spending time along the coastal and lower Amazon Region, teaches you the importance of small volume and dependable performance. The only problem I have ever had with the two Meteors is deciding which I would be willing to part with, the cool white 2B, or neutral 3D.
The departure of one would be most quickly precipitated by an irresistible follow-up to the Meteor 43, such as a Meteor 33 along the lines of a hybrid offspring parented by a ZL SC6330 and SC600 MIII HI.
Three lithium ion cells, three XHP HI LEDs, and capability to select the number I need would keep me from having to tie together three SC 63 MKIII HI lights if they ever appear.
Compact and more pocketable, instead of trying to out-Meteor the 43, it might beat ZL to the plate.
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